Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quality Sleep: the Sleep Number Bed Arrived!

Hazel's new Sleep Number bed arrived at last. Actually, it arrived very promptly after we got all the nonsense cleared up. She's already been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks!

Hazek's Sleep Number Bed, cat tested and approved. 

We're still working on a lot of sleep issues, but this bed has really solved the comfort issue at last. So, once again, I want to say how very grateful we are to everyone who contributed and made this happen. It's a huge improvement!

She still has problems with day/night reversal, nightmares and panic attacks. The reversal issue might respond to melatonin. She tried it before but perhaps for too short a time or at too high a dose, so we'll revisit that. She has paradoxical reactions to most other sleep meds: that is, instead of helping her sleep, they make her jittery.

For the nightmares and panic attacks, the treatment suggestion that she's most interested in persuing it a dog! That's a fun treatment! And very practical, as a service dog can not only ward off panic attacks and wake her from nightmares, but help her up from the floor or bath or bed when she's having trouble standing, pull her in her wheelchair, and be a support when she needs somebody to lean on. So, the next step in our fundraising efforts will be toward her Service Dog and its training.

Meanwhile, when she can sleep, she's sleeping better and waking with far less pain, and that is thanks to you kind people who have shared the blog and contributed donations or bought things to support our effort. Thank you!