Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Clean Wheels: no more Molds-mobile!

Hooray! And whew! We did it, thanks to you, KM, KK, MJ, EB, JB, TW and KO, and thanks to everyone who shared and cared. Greatest gratitude. And yes, we can fit two people two wheelchairs and a large dog. Next step will be getting, and training, the dog!

The New Wheels

Thanks also to Bill from Vinnie's where they clean up the donated cars and give them a thorough mechanical going-over, then sell them at a very reasonable rate! That's Bill's arm on the right, above. 

Behind the wheel, Hazel's mom smiling additional thanks at KM who was not only the chief donor and instigator, but also drove to the car lot and provided moral support and spiritual guidance and muscle power. A generous friend! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Next Phase - Drive for Wheels

This '88 Toyota Camry served us well for 7 years but now it's time to face it... We've been sick and sicker 9 years, we're both needing wheelchairs when we go out, and Terwilliger Toyota, besides being a bit small to accommodate the chairs,.has really gotten too decrepit to be on the road.

 Leaking badly in winter rains, growing mold that can't be cleaned completely out, riding so rough and noisy that even a short drive is torture to poor Hazel, AC and heater equally broken, and various electrical stuff constantly acting strangely, poor old Terwilliger is alas going to have to retire before making it to 300,000 miles. 

The great news I just got, though, is that a friend and philanthropist is willing to contribute $2000 towards Terwilliger's replacement. Also good news, I'm seeing some vehicles that look like good possibilities for only a little more than that amount. Maybe $2400, maybe $3400 -- so we almost have enough, already!

Just to be sure we've got tax and license covered, I'm going to shoot for $4000. If our replacement vehicle costs less than funds raised, anything left over will roll into our Service Dog Account. When we go into full fundraising mode for Hazel's Hound, I'll blog again to tell you all the wonderful ways that the dog will be trained to support Hazel physically and emotionally.

For now, it's the Drive for Wheels. Let's roll!
I'm willing to sell my Trinity College Octave Mandolin for $600 to help make goal. But I'm hoping you'll Donate!

23 June, Goal Achieved!
Thank you so much, KM, JB, EB, MJ, TW and KK! You put us over the top, we're going to get our car, and We are so, so grateful!

19 June, Fast and generous responses from kind friends, are moving our thermometer up. Thank you!