Monday, February 15, 2016

Sweet Dreams Deferred, Sweet Expectations Revived

Good news! After long and strange delays, the Sleep Number Bed purchase is finally happening. The company at first failed to honor the offer made by the store manager, but after numerous calls with Customer Support that has all been cleared up. Our hopes are revived.

Evidently the manager offered a deal he wasn't authorized to make, but given that the deal was offered, and in writing, and given the fact that all of you good people contributed to make Hazel's comfortable adjustable bed a reality--in effect, given that the world was watching--the company at last decided to do the deal almost as originally written up.

I am paying $13.05 more than the store manager stated, but believe me, after all this hassle it's well worth $13.10 or more, to have the stressful communications behind me.

Once upon a time, in a land of hikes and picnics, in a different life entirely, it seems, Hazel could go and go and go, and when she was tired, stretching out for a rest on the ground was fine and dandy. Now, not only is it impossible for her to go on a hike, but three different beds have all failed to provide a comfortable night's rest.

So, I'm really happy that in a mere 4 to 6 weeks, she's going to have the comfort of a mattress with adjustable firmness, for the endlessly-variable requirements of her tortured body. In my dreams, we were going to be able to go right out and buy that bed. Now, we're looking at expecting its delivery two to two-and-a-half months after the date I signed a purchase agreement with that flaky store manager.

No matter. Deferred is not the same as never. Sweet sleep is a dream deferred but not a dream completely canceled.  With gratitude to Melissa at Customer Support for finally making the deal happen, and with faith that the promised delivery date will be honored or even improved upon, and most importantly with thanks to all of you who helped make this happen at last, we wait patiently, knowing Hazel's sweet dreams are on their way.

We will keep you all posted, about the arrival of the bed, and how well Hazel sleeps on it. I know other people with ME and similar diseases will be interested to hear Hazel's rating, when she has at last had a few nights' sleep on her new bed.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Bad Bed Business! What a nightmare. What would you do?

I regret to report that the Sleep Number store hasn't honored their offer, on the bed. 

 Balloon added, Sleep Number logo registered trademark, artwork via wikimedia commons is a stipple engraving by J.P. Simon, 1810, after himself. Iconographic Collections 

Although we drew up the sale agreement on the 21st of January, and the store manager took my payment information, they have not put the payment through. It looks to me like he's trying to squirm out of the deal, because...

On the phone earlier that week, Mr Manager told me it would be $X including tax and delivery.
On the 21st he told me he wasn't supposed to make that particular offer, on that particular model.
He told me,
"My district manager said to go ahead and put it through and they would honor it because I already made that offer."
Then he wrote the sales ticket up for $X plus $45.39.
When I asked him about the increase he muttered something about not having figured tax correctly when he talked to me on the phone. I shrugged, figured it was still a good deal, and signed for the charge.
"It has to go to the Regional Office for approval." he told me. "But don't worry,  they'll approve it. The sale will go through in a couple of days."

I'm waiting...

So when the sale didn't go through after a week I phoned and asked, and he said, "Oh yeah, well, like I told you, it takes a few days. But they should approve it." 

Note how "they will approve it," changed to "they should." Not a good sign. But I decided to think positive, and be patient.

When the charge still had not gone through after another week, though, I phoned again. And again. And again!

He's not returning my calls A very bad sign. But it's so easy to dis the disabled.

So, what do I do? Report the bad bed business to the Better Business Bureau? Alert a local television station's Consumer Reports team? Get a tall male type of friend to go in there with me and look threatening? Get a whole group of friends to protest with signs outside the store?

Because telling this coldhearted furniture flunky failure of a Mr Manager that there's a young woman in a great deal of pain having trouble sleeping and waiting for that bed, and a whole lot of supporters who helped to buy her that bed are watching and waiting too, well, that doesn't seem to help.

Should I publish his name and phone number and ask you all to call him and request that the bed sale be finalized?

What would you do?

ETA: Patience and persistence paid off. See the update here: Sweet Dreams Deferred, Sweet Expectations Revived