Sunday, January 17, 2016

What's the Difference Between Hazel and Kim Kardashian?

There's very good news coming very soon and I'm just itching to post it, but I have to wait a tiny while longer. So meanwhile I offer this amusing little comparison.

This only hurts a little.

Hazel and Kim both might wear sunglasses, but Hazel wears them indoors to protect her sensitive eyes from the slightest light, while Kim wears them for some kind of pseudo-celebrity reason.

And Hazel and Kim both get out, but Hazel gets out maybe once a month for a visit to a doctor or dentist, while Kim gets out everywhere, all over the covers of the tabloids.

Finally, when Hazel stretches out a slender arm, she's getting blood drawn. Kim is seen in a similar situation but that's not a phlebotomy clinic. That's a salon, and she's getting her nails done.

A little good news I can share for now: Fundraisers are happening to help Hazel heal, and hey, you can help Hazel by getting your nails done, at home, for a lot less money, and a lot more kindly toward the environment, than what Kim's salon does.

Shop for Jamberry Nail Care products at Pajamaberry and all profits will help Heal Hazel. Plus we have these special Exclusive Pajamaberry Nail Wrap Designs available to Heal Hazel supporters, only.

$2 from each sale of ME Butterly Release is donated to ME research. All other profits go to Heal Hazel.

$2 from each sale of ME Triangles is donated to ME research. All other profits go to Heal Hazel.

$2 from each sale of Slice of Lime is donated to Lyme Disease research. All other profits go to Heal Hazel. 

To get these wraps, buy a $25 Gift Card and then email with your gift card's Code Number and tell me which style you would like, and your address to send it to. Easy Peasy and you'll get a whole lot of gratitude along with your stylish, nontoxic, biodegradable, long-lasting and affordable wraps. Each sheet of wraps does two manicures, two pedicures, and eight accent nails! For $25! I bet Kim Kardashian is paying a whole lot more for her stinky toxic polish.

To host an online Jamberry party to win products or to benefit Hazel or to raise funds for your own special cause, click "HOST A PARTY" at this link.

If you want custom designed nail wraps for your own cause, business or whatever, please email and we'll start the design work right away!

Note to Kim K: even you can switch over to Jamberry and be doin those glammy nails up for a good cause. Shop now!

Or Donate! 

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