Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweet Dreams Becoming a Reality!

Great News!!! WHOO! 

Oops. Shhh, I'd better be quiet -- Hazel's asleep. It's past 3:00 pm as I write, and she's asleep in the afternoon because she couldn't sleep all night. Even when she's awake I have to be quiet: no TV or stereo or even loud conversation in this home. 

But right now I'm having a hard time maintaining silence. I want to jump up and down and holler, 

I ordered Hazel's bed today. 

And I want to shout out a huge,
to all of you who made this milestone possible.

Hazel will sleep like a -- wait, no, babies aren't such good sleepers, and logs aren't alive. Like a bee? Looks like they sleep a little crowded up, but they're happy. So let's say she'll sleep like a bee.
Bees Sleeping on a Seed Head by linsepatron via wikimedia commons:

Better sleep, and more comfort while awake-but-bedridden, will mean so much to Hazel's health. 

The bed will take four weeks to build and deliver, but thanks are due Right Now to all who contributed, and with a special thanks to my friend Kirsten who provided a copy of her RN license to get the medical discount, to Heidi whose online Jamberry party topped off the donations needed to get the bed, and to Heather who took me to the store and helped me think of all the right questions to ask the dealer. I feel confident that this is going to be a big comfort, quite literally.

(I'll post again in future to let you all know how the bed works out for her.)

The paperwork is now being processed. The dealer said he wasn't supposed to offer a Medical Discount on the least expensive model but the Sleep Number Powers that Be said that now that he did, they will honor that deal, but they have to take a couple of extra days to approve the sale and then they'll accept payment. I don't know. Some mysterious Sleep Number hierarchical concave has convened in their conical caps and will give the bed the nod.

So! Anyhow? Wow. We all worked so hard together to make this happen. Since I can't shout out loud, I might just have a quiet cry of happiness. *snuffle* you're all so good *sniffle*

I look forward to future posts of triumph, to announce progress toward a Service Dog, a power wheelchair and the van with a wheelchair lift to haul it, and oxygen compression equipment. We are making real progress to make Hazel's life bearable.

And I look forward to posting a picture of the New Bed. What a big moment that will be! But for now, I'll post a pic of Hazel Happy. Here's a thumbs up to thank you for helping!

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