Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hoping for a Merry Little Respite

...before Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and violent abuse.
Hazel as a happy and healthy baby...
Hello friends and supporters, and thank you for checking in.

It’s two weeks since I posted my desperate appeal and I’m happy to say we have received some contributions, and I’ve gotten some Jamberry sales, plus I sold my violin. That support has been very helpful, not only in providing some of the supplements not covered by her Disability income, but also letting her know she’s got folks out there who care. So here’s an update.

Hazel is doing her best to stay with us. She still feels she’s fighting a body that just wants to give up. Her health is so bad, she really needs a respite, just for a rest -- just for an opportunity to rest before the next effort and the next crash. 

Happily, she has an appointment with her preferred primary care doctor tomorrow and we hope new blood tests may suggest some helpful treatment changes.  Unhappily,  she has not been able to get insurance approval for at-home blood draws, nor for continued care with her preferred doctor. The insurance company demands that she see an in-system doctor who is completely unsupportive. We’re working on appealing this through official channels but the very thought of the health care debacle has been enough to trigger a panic attack in this very vulnerable patient who just needs to get her medical care from the MD she trusts.

This ongoing bureaucratic nightmare in healthcare administration has caused much-needed specialist care to be delayed, including not only the home phlebotomy but also referrals to an ENT and a dermatologist. Hazel is also overdue to see the optometrist and the dentist, so it’s important that we get her baseline health up so she can make it to all of these additional appointments.

And of course, every appointment, including the one scheduled for tomorrow, is a strain on both our systems, likely to bring on a major crash for both of us afterwards. 

On a very hopeful note, however, we’ve found an excellent therapist who is able to visit Hazel in-home and work with her on trauma and PTSD.  Along with the knowledge that there are people out there who really care, that connection with a good therapist is already making a huge difference. So we want to thank that wonderful therapist, and all those who have contributed or made purchases. You’re helping keep a bright, caring, and sadly very vulnerable young woman alive.

Here's how you can help raise funds for her health care needs that are not covered by disability and medicaid...

Trinity College Octave Mandolin $800 or best offer;
Kentucky Mandolin $600 or best offer.

To purchase one of these mandolins, please contact me with your offer at or just send the asking price in the caption above via paypal and let me know which one you want, and where you need it shipped.  The purchaser of the violin received it in perfect condition despite a USPS delay, and I will of course pack carefully and insure your parcel for the purchase price.


Why nail care? Hazel doesn’t even do her nails. I do mine, but they are rarely seen in person as I don’t get out much. But they’re a fun way for me to keep my spirits up and I sell them to support Hazel's health care needs and also to support a shift from toxic manicures to nontoxic and biodegradable nail care, for your health and the planet’s. Additionally, I am hoping to get these products out to people of whatever gender who may feel uncomfortable seeking professional salon nail care but who want the lovely lustre of a beautiful manicure.  Finally, I know that many home-bound people like myself and Hazel find it difficult or impossible to get any sort of beauty care, and I know this is a nice way we can pamper ourselves a little. So please enjoy this amazing nail care, at 

And of course, we will be very grateful if you are able to simply...
Thank you! And have merry midwinter holidays, we hope in good health, enjoying whatever you celebrate with the people you love. 

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