Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You helped heal Hazel! Hooray!

Mostly bedridden, Hazel usually gets out only for medical appointments.
This beach photo was taken at her first outing just for fun in years. 
News Flash! Fundraising Goal Met and Exceeded! 
Thank you all so very, very much!

Hazel is a beautiful young women who has been cursed with more than her fair share of medical challenges. Twenty years old, she spent her teen years mostly bedridden, in terrible pain.

There is a lot of hope for Hazel to live an active life, especially now that she's seeing a qualified specialist to treat her neuro-immune disease. But her visits to that specialist are not covered by her insurance, nor are some of the treatments prescribed, and many other aspects of her health needs aside from the neuro-immune disease.

To begin with, her teeth.

Hazel has had impacted wisdom teeth for years. They are causing her terrible pain. Their extraction was scheduled, and delayed, and scheduled again, and rescheduled, as she got an insurance run-around. Some oral surgeons declined to treat her because they felt incompetent to deal with the special anesthesia considerations imposed by her neurological disease.

Getting a blood draw, Hazel must wear dark glasses and ear plugs due to sensitivity to noise and light,
and recline rather than sit up while her blood is drawn, because she gets so dizzy.

But the GOOD NEWS is.... she is scheduled for extraction with a competent oral surgeon at last, VERY SOON - the 6th of August.

The bad news is, she needs $2530 to get five impacted teeth---three wisdom teeth and two molars---extracted. Hazel lives on scanty Disability income so she doesn't have that kind of cash. But if 100 people would each chip in $25.30, voila, she would have it covered.

UPDATE: As  you see from the thermometer below, we're almost there! 46 generous people have donated from $5 to $300 each to bring us nearly to goal. We must raise just the final $212 today to have the payment made to the oral surgeon in time for surgery scheduled Wednesday 6 August. Ten people with $21 each?

News Flash: Goal Met and Exceeded!
Carolyn Heather Wendy Sally Liisa Antonia Stuart Sarah Laura Karen Kira Sarah Sandy Lauren Janet Cusp Jeff Donna Travis Barbara Michele Linda Joy Tracy Katie Heidi Lynne Rachael John Steven Steven Sierra Sally Linda Mary Claire Roy Marie and Eric John Lara Carole Shirley Tracy Sue Vera Debra Lynn, Pat Mary Jo Katie Linda Constance: Thank you all! You're Hazel's heroes.

If you can make a donation please use the paypal button above or write to creekfeet@gmail.com to get the snail mail address where you can send a check or money order made out directly to the oral surgeon.

If you donate, we'll offer you a small gift in return. Perhaps a poem? A tarot card reading? A hand-crocheted hat? Or if you prefer, simply heartfelt gratitude. And some RED in our thermometer!

The image below is for the lady who commented that this might be a scam. It's a scan of Hazel's "Treatment Plan" from the oral surgeon's office, and her appointment card. You can see right there the costs, the teeth that will be removed, and the date for which surgery is scheduled. For the sake of her privacy I blocked out Hazel's last name, but anyone who contributes will learn that name when I send them a thank you note. It's hard to believe that anybody would think this was a scam, but hopefully this will set any doubts to rest.

Thank you for visiting Heal Hazel, and for any help you can give to this talented and intelligent, and unfairly handicapped, young woman.

Hoping Hazel will feel better and better, and be able to go to the beach again soon!


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  2. This picture tugs at my heart!! Dark glasses and ear plugs are the norm for many of us who suffer with this disease! I know personally how difficult the light and noise of the doctor's office can be!

  3. Thank you for your comments, and your support, and sharing this blog, Seagoddess!

    The day that picture was taken, with the dark glasses, Hazel had to go out for a big blood draw. They have to do her blood draws in that recliner so she won't pass out. When she was done at the lab she was so ill, she had to pass up the special rare treat she had planned, of going out to lunch. She had to be taken directly home and lie in bed in her darkened bedroom to rest. And then the next time she was able to go out, it was for another doctor's visit, a couple of weeks later. That's how her life goes, except for that one day when the other two photos were taken. On that day she used the saved-up energy of two weeks to go to the beach for a change, and enjoyed a couple of hours of sitting on the sand, watching the waves and the gulls. I hope she'll have more and better beach days ahead, as we help heal Hazel!

  4. I truly feel bad for this woman, but is this for real?. I live on "scant" disability myself, and certainly can use a specialist to help with my fibromyalgia and adrenal issues, severe anxiety, etc. etc. It is unfortunate that I cannot help others with medical issues; I'm just trying to help myself. I wish Hazel well, but really all of you who donated have to be careful about people asking strangers for money. Just saying.

    1. Thanks for that caution, Karen Waters, and please note that if this were some sort of scam I could just delete that. I will scan the bill from the oral surgeon so you'll see that this is "for real." I'm sorry that you are dealing with similar medical and financial problems. Fortunately, however, there are some people --- even some chronically ill people --- who can help out a little. And with their assistance, Hazel is going to be relieved of at least a part of her terrible pain. For that, she is very grateful.

    2. Karen --- check the blog post again. The Treatment Plan and Appointment Card are scanned and posted. So, actually, I am grateful to you, for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate the authenticity of Hazel's need. I suppose I could post a copy of her SSI Disability letter but really I think that's going too far, and I thank all the people who donated because either they know me, or they know Hazel, or they trust us anyway.

    3. Karen, I assure you its all real. Kassy is also ill as you are and I am. You are wise to wonder if you don't know. You may not believe me since you don't know me either, but I hope you do. This family has had more than their share of troubles, but Kassy has always kept a positive spirit. A year ago, she could not have done this much work, but she can now because she foind this ME/CFIDS/FMS specialist. She has always done all she could for her family, but doing much is near impossible when bedridden and minimal energy. Though not "well", Kassy is able now to do more. Both Hazel & Kassy have other medical needs, and I'm glad they are now able to start checking things off the list. I hope you are also able to find help and that you too will start to have better days. :)